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The module gives you the feeling of a real Boeing 737 NGX autopilot device with all its features. The device connects to the simulator via FSUIPC and provides a sustainable experience with the GFLIGHT software version v.2.1.

Product features:

  • Adjustable backlight light,

  • Flashing A/B warning digit on IAS/MACH display,

  • BANK ANGLE function with HEADING button,

  • SPD INT key functional,

  • ALT INT key is functional,

  • Functional Flight Director Switch in front of both pilot-in-command and co-pilot,

  • Functional MA warning lamp in front of both the captain and co-pilot,

  • Aluminum body in original cockpit colour.

You can manage your flight with all the buttons on the module. N1, SPEED, FD1 and 2, AT, LVLCHG, VNAV, HDGSEL, APP, VORLOC, LNAV, ALTHLD, V / S, CMDA and B, CWSA and B, DISENGAGE, COURSE 1 and 2, IAS / MACH, HEADING, ALTITUDE , BANK ANGLE, SPD INT, INT ALT and VERTICAL SPEED. The module is compatible with all PREPAR3d v4+ simulators and PMDG Boeing 737 NGX.

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